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Successful EB-5 Projects

WAII has been active in the EB-5 immigrant investor projects in the 2000s and its predecessor had engaged in successful projects in the 1990s. An example of successful projects include the following.

Development of a senior living community featuring resort-style living and cutting-edge wellness.

・Number of EB-5 investors: 12
・Year: 2012
・Total Cost of Project: $40,000,000

This project featured the restoration and renovation of a historic building into an apartment community.

・Number of EB-5 investors: 14
・Year: 2013
・Total Cost of Project: $80,000,000

Re-development of the historic Bell Building from office building into apartments for rentals and it is already 95% occupied.

・Number of EB-5 investors: 7
・Year: 2014
・Total Cost of Project: $27,000,000

A hotel project renovated from an older hotel to create a new resort.

・Number of EB-5 investors: 18
・Year: 2014
・Total Cost of Project: $12,000,000

Restoration of the historic post office and customs building in downtown St Paul. It was an NFL charity hotel site for the 2018 Super Bowl.

・Number of EB-5 investors: 35
・Year: 2014
・Total Cost of Project: $35,000,000

The finest hotel in Pascagoula which is the home of a large Chevron facility and Engles Shipbuilding.

・Number of EB-5 investors: 11
・Year: 2013
・Total Cost of Project: $16,500,000

The restoration of an old army hospital campus into a vibrant beachfront resort.

・Number of EB-5 investors: 65
・Year: 2019
・Total Cost of Project: $100,000,000

Construction of the casino on the banks of the Mississippi River in Natchez, MS. Redemption of all funds is almost complete.

・Number of EB-5 Investors: 46
・Year: 2012
・Total Cost of Project: $45,000,000

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